simple swag to keep you sane in this batshit crazy world.........and, FREE US Shipping...yay!
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breathe 'while you can' collection...aka 'what EPA?'
re-mind*ful living

breathe 'while you can' collection...aka 'what EPA?'

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our cool 'breathe' stickers, and cards, and tattoos...oh my! feeling the need for a little serenity in these wacky times? 'calm the fuck down' by using our 'breathe' swag as the antidote.

for the first time one place, this breathe collection includes 10+ awesome 'breathe' stickers, 2 beautiful silver foil 'breathe' cards and envelopes ( we like to use them as the computer, on the mantle etc.) and...are you ready? one big fun sheet of mixed metallic 'breathe' tattoos. 

yay! everything you need to remind you to be present and breathe......think, a visual 'mini meditation in a minute™'