simple swag to keep you sane in this batshit crazy world.........and, FREE US Shipping...yay!
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getting love:

"Tracy is an absolute POWERHOUSE of love and joy in the world! Her stickers and cards are equal parts playful and powerful in reminding me to come from gratitude, to bring joy and to BREATHE in the midst of any challenges or opportunities that may be in front of me!"
Jason Goldberg, Creator of THE Playful Prosperity Program


I was skeptical of the stickers, not being a 'sticker person', but I can't believe how much they've brought me J.O.Y. as I go about my day. They're such a simple thing, but they always manage to pop out and remind me to breathe, to have a little faith in how awesome I am, or that 'it's all good' exactly when I need it. It's like my not-so-secret self-esteem bump during the day.

Shannon Densmore-Townsend - The Get Shit Done Coach                                                

Tracy is a special human being, she wants to spread joy, peace and awareness everywhere while keeping it real at the same time, and understanding that sometimes, the F word is necessary and "letting it out" is the best path to joy.
Her reminders are not only stylish and cute, but offer you a fun and easy way to bring you back to your center, where you want to be.
Leyla Razeghi - Business Strategist