simple swag to keep you sane in this batshit crazy world.........and, FREE US Shipping...yay!
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My name’s Tracy, and I’m spiritual as fuck.

I create simple reminders to help us all live a better, kinder, gentler life.

What? How is that possible you ask? From personal experience, I know that seeing a nice word or message helps me to calm the fuck down when I need to. Hells, I even have ‘calm the fuck down’ as one of my messages.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most powerful. From fabulous fun multicolored stickers to diamond jewelry—and lots in between—we have you covered, literally and figuratively.

So, are you stickers, or diamonds? Maybe you're both...

Let us know!

A few fun things that contributed to getting me here:

  • I dated a 70’s sitcom star in my early 20’s—we’re still friends
  • I couldn’t live without a black mini dachshund
  • A girlfriend and I once undressed a drunk John Taylor from Duran Duran, and tucked him into bed…swear,  that was it    
  • My non-religious mother decided that packing us up, with dachshund, and emigrating to Israel when I was 8 was a good wasn’t…
  • I was so lucky to be madly in love with a man that adored me until he died in my arms 7 years ago…..I’m still annoyed at him about that
  • I adore color and being surrounded by it, but only feel at home like wearing all black       
  • In my head, I’m the more exotic Natasha
  • I’m a master gardener
  • I want to be constantly traveling, but also want to have an animal sanctuary—it’s a conundrum
  • I once yelled ‘Hey girl, cute dog!’ at Alanis Morriset, which made her turn around ( what, it WAS a cute dog), and how would I know??

So one other thing I know is that we all have our own amazing stories. I’d love to hear some of yours……

My stories have led me to create simple things that matter—decoration for you; body and soul. Seeing or holding on to one simple word or phrase is sometimes all you need to shift away from the shit that’s swirling around all of us...peace...