simple swag to keep you sane in this batshit crazy world.........and, FREE US Shipping...yay!
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re-mind*ful living

re-mind*ful living was created for those of us that need a simple reminder every once in a while. whether you need to remember that 'kindness is badass™', 'it's gonna be ok', or to 'calm the fuck down', we've got you covered. 

we're experts in creating cool mindful swag so that aggravations go bye bye in the blink of an eye, and who doesn't need that!

stickers, keychains, tote bags and more...simple fun reminders, that look great and liven up your phone, computer, journal, water bottle, work get the idea. also brilliant to give out randomly, because indeed, 'kindness is badass™', and you know you want to be badass! 


the truth

i was trying to figure out what i could do to make a little difference for those of us that were, and are so stressed since the election.....expanding the messages was the answer i got, fuck yeah!

besides creating messages that help you 'calm the fuck down', a portion of every sale gets donated, because everything is affected by the batshit crazy stuff going on in washington, and giving back is awesome...cheers